Real-time 3D Immersive Simulator – Room

Virtual reality headsets failed to meet expectations.

They are not supported by 30% of users and above all they isolate the person from any form of interaction with others. It is difficult for a salesperson to talk to a client during a virtual immersion and impossible to organise a family visit, for example.

Exclusive virtual immersion

In collaboration with our exclusive partner InMersiv, we have designed a solution that overcomes all these drawbacks: a 16m2 space where your clients and their advisor are literally projected into their future environment. No headsets, gloves or equipment needed to move around in a custom-made, interactive, virtual space.

Real time and infinite possibilities

Your clients will be able to walk around the building until they decide to enter and visit each room at their own pace. With the help of their advisor, they will be able to identify all the configurable elements and choose their floors, kitchen, etc. in a hyperrealistic virtual environment.

Everything takes place seamlessly, in real time, just as in real life … Augmented reality through the power of virtual.

For just one day or forever

A permanent installation in your offices, periodic installation on a construction site, in a sales office, or during a special event … this is a unique, unprecedented, and exhilarating experience that your clients and employees are not likely to forget in a hurry.