Real-time Virtual Configurator

Nowadays, consumers are more and more sensitive to personalised products and services.

Once downloaded to the sales team’s smartphones, tablets or PCs, our real-time application allows your clients to visit and configure properties in real time.


During their virtual visit, your clients can adjust all the predefined elements. Parquet or tiled floors? Which kitchen? Bathroom fixtures? Wall colours?

Your client simply has to choose, and the visuals will instantly change during the virtual visit.

Impact on budget

Some changes may have an impact on the budget. No problem: your client is instantly informed and can adjust their choices as they go along to determine the combination that best suits their taste and budget.

Data Connection

The choices are saved, and each client receives an automatic email at the end of the visit with the corresponding budget and details of their preferred set-up in visual form.

This file can also be used as an order form for the client and could be sent to the company, together with other useful technical information concerning each unit.

Maintenance and customisation

Our application is obviously multi-platform, multi-project (grouped or individual housing, offices, mixed) and we provide permanent maintenance so that you can benefit from each upgrade.

Customisation, connection to your CRM software, interconnection with the BIM or your site management can all be considered.