Commercial Platform

Your prospects expect to find as much information as possible about the project online, available anywhere, any time, on any device.

Our commercial platform can be integrated into the project website, or even replace it by adding a few introductory pages, a video presentation if applicable, downloadable documents, etc.

Rotating model

A rotating model can be used to examine the project from all angles, visit the surroundings in pedestrian mode, divide the building to see the different units available on each level, view the corresponding information (surface area, number of rooms, budget), and visualise all the supporting materials (still images, shoeboxes, interactive 360° visits, plans, etc.).

Unit management

You will have an interface to manage all the information relating to the units: encoding of features, status modification (available/sold), price update, etc.

Lead generation

A contact form enables the prospects to contact you in several ways (chat, phone, email) while tracking all exchanges and each visitor’s activity in order to automatically generate visitor statistics whenever you need them.